Thurston Genetics

Thurston Genetics was established in 1993 by Robert Thurston. Thurston Genetics licenses new and unique corn inbreds/hybrids to retail seed companies. Private corn research programs originate inbreds/hybrids to Thurston Genetics for licensing. In January of 2001, Thurston Genetics was acquired by BASF Plant Science.

BASF Plant Science - a BASF group company - is one of the world's leading companies providing innovative plant biotechnology solutions for agriculture. Today, about 700 employees are helping farmers meet the growing demand for improved agricultural productivity and healthier nutrition for humans and animals. BASF Plant Science has developed an unparalleled gene discovery platform focusing on yield and quality traits in crops such as corn, soybean and rice. Jointly with leading partners in the seed industry BASF Plant Science is commercializing its products. Current projects include higher yielding row crops, nutritionally-enhanced corn for animal feed and higher content of Omega-3's in oil crops for preventing cardiovascular diseases. To find out more about BASF Plant Science, please visit

The Thurston Genetics corporate office is located in Olivia, MN. Olivia is the home to 2,570 people and is known as the Corn Capital of the World. It sits in the heart of the richest agricultural county in Minnesota and is a leader in agricultural innovation. Thurston Genetics also has satellite offices in Crawfordsville, IN; Brookston, IN; Tekamah, NE; St. Marys, OH; Kalona, IA and Emmetsburg, IA. Business functions of Thurston Genetics includes: foundation seedstock, field testing, genetic licensing and trait licensing.

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